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Good Day Sunshine

So another day is upon me, and I feel like I've done a 180 since yesterday. I feel so much better, want to actually eat, and just over all feel good. I went to the sleep medicine doctor this morning, and it was oh so thrilling. It kind of went down like this:

Me: "Hi Doc, I am having trouble sleeping."
Doc: "Do you wear your mask?"
Me: "Well kind of, but like I said, I am having a hard time falling asleep, so when I finally do fall asleep I don't always put it on"
Doc: "well you need to wear your mask"

Hey, DOC, are you LISTENING to me! See, seriously, if I could sleep like a normal person, don't you think I would throw that baby on every night, just to appease you? Why yes I would. So far I have had a protein shake with some PB, some tuna fish, and some black bean soup. Food is going okay, when I want to eat. So yah!

I got a compliment from one of my friends today about how the weight is just falling off of me. That was pretty nice to have someone notice. I haven't really weighed myself, mainly because my scale is jacked up. It gives me one weight, and then you get on again, and its different.

Anywho, I should get cleaning...


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