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Back to Basics...

I want to preface this entry by saying, that I feel great. I feel though that I am not making the best choices when it comes to food, and of course, vitamins.

The best part of going back to school is that its time to get back on a schedule. Working and school will only force me to become more diligent about my vitamin regimen and eating. I need to get back into protein shakes/supplements, as I am constantly falling short of the goal. My calories are okay, not great, but okay. I need to call the nutritionist I think.

Today so far I have cleaned, and broken the coffee pot. Good thing we had an extra one in our storage unit.

Tuesday is my class night. I must pack and prepare snacks for the car ride (1 hour plus there, 1 hour back) and for during class too. Any ideas? :)

Hope your weekend was as nice as mine was!


  1. Hmm, snack ideas... can you eat peanut butter? What about PB and celery sticks? or PB and apples w/o the skin?
    Or fat-free yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, or low-fat string cheese? Maybe some lean meat slices?
    I don't know exactly what you can/can't eat, but hopefully this helps!

  2. Thanks lady! I can eat PB - I have been sticking to the chunky natural stuff lately. All these suggestions were good! LF string cheese is one of the main staples of my diet too! Thanks!!!!


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