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Survey Says!

So long time no blog! Dang I am busy! I started working full time again, and I am going to school part time. I am driving twice a week to Rochester (about an hour and a half from where I work) and then 3 hours of class, then an hour back home! Gahhhh. Very very very tired. Very very stressed!

While I was driving home Tuesday, after a particularly stressful day, I realized that I definitely turned to food to relieve stress. The good/bad part is that when you physically can not eat (because your stomach is the size of a walnut (or more), you can't resort back to those habits. You need to actually use some good coping skills. Shit.

I loved food. I still do love food. It's satisfying, it's comforting, and pleasurable. When you feel like crap, food can make you feel better. When you are sad, it can make it go away (for a bit), its a vicious cycle, and I can see how people can get a bit obsessive about food.

How did I deal with said stressful day? I resorted back to my old friend music. I used to blog a lot about music, and particular lyrics that stood out to me, etc...I haven't been too impressed by new music, nothing really deep or satisfying to me. Finally I stumbled upon the new Ingrid Michaelson album. I love it. It is passionate, deep, and satisfying to my soul. I highly recommend the song Are We There Yet? It really resonated with me.

And now...a tale from the scale. I am down a total of 24(!) inches since July 7. I am also down 67lbs (!) I am almost to the point where I may actually tell you people how much I weigh! I feel great, minus being all tired and moderately cranky!

Thanks for reading...more soon I hope :)


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