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Adventures in baking

If you know me, I’m so anti-baking its sad.  Usually everything I bake turns into a huge epic fail.  Boxed mixes = fail.  From scratch = fail.  You get the point.  So while reading the latest Everyday Food (from the queen of domestication herself Martha), I saw a recipe for “Healthy Morning Muffins” that was sent in from a reader.  They looked interesting, with the base of the dough being shredded carrots.  (If you want the recipe – send me a comment – I’ll email ya!)

I had a huge bag of carrots, along with all the rest of the ingredients, so I thought, what the hell!?

adventures in baking 001



Lined and ready to roll….




The recipe is super simple, and doesn’t have 10842803 ingredients.  A total plus in my playbook!  I made a few substitutions to the recipe, including using half whole wheat flour (the non baking has multiple flours in her kitchen…go figure) and I used 1/2 golden raisins and 1/2 dried blueberries.  I love dried fruit, so I have a ton of varieties in this place.  I also decided to use Splenda Brown Sugar for baking instead of the real deal.


adventures in baking 002 


Proof that I am legit in the baking world – it’s even King Arthur!  My mother would be so proud!




The other substitution I used was my secret ingredient – well I am going to share it with you:

adventures in baking 003


Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus.  Truth be told – I didn’t have any nutmeg in the house.  But this has nutmeg in it, along with a bunch of other goodness.  I love the stuff, and sprinkle it on everything including greek yogurt and my favorite, cottage cheese.

So basically, this is what the dough looked like:


                                    adventures in baking 005 adventures in baking 006


Not the most appetizing!  I believe after I threw the remains out (claims to make only 12 muffins – lies) I said, out loud to myself, wow that looks like YACK.

So they bake – and I am pondering the title of this blog to be Bake FailA Baking Experiment of Epic Fail Proportions. Libby should stick to cooking…example one….

Ding.  Times up.  Test with toothpick – check.  Here’s what they looked like after they cooled for a bit.


                                  adventures in baking 008 adventures in baking 007


Sorry for my shady photography…but you get the point.  So I taste them, and literally say out loud:  “These don’t suck! SCORE!”

They are so moist – from the carrot over load, and they are just slightly sweet.  I seriously love them.  Now…I’ll keep you posted if the man likes them. 

I remember one time I made spice muffins or something like that from Weight Watchers recipe with just pumpkin?  I also attempted to make like a sugar free cream cheese topping.  A friend literally put it in her mouth and immediately spit it out and yelled, I mean yelled real loud, THESE ARE HORRIBLE!  Needless to say, my baking skills have not been very reliable. 

The irony of this all people:  my mother is a baker.  I mean works in a bakery that sells goods to people and, in my opinion, she is known to be one of the best bakers/cookie makers in our corner of the world!  So it is sad, that I did not inherit this baking gene that apparently has run deep in my family.  We’re Polish – we’re supposed to know how to bake! 

Hope you all have a good weekend – Thanks for reading by the way.  Your comments make my day.  If you want the recipe – let me know!


Totally unrelated side note:  Does anyone else think Ellie Krieger looks like an elf?  Just saying….


  1. I want you to bring home the recipe for these, they sound yummy especially since carrots are orange!


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