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Well I am feeling a whole lot better since having my gallbladder out.  My surgery was Monday, and it took a bit longer then expected from what I was told.  I was still able to have it done laparoscopic, but apparently they had to go in twice, once in to remove the gallbladder, then back in to get the residual stones that had passed (?) 

I seriously have no idea, but that is what my dear fiancé tells me.  I go see the doc for a follow up next week so I’m sure I’ll get more of the dirty details then.

I have been eating pretty normal…obviously not going out for greasy burgers or anything (not that I’ve had one of those since…oh my preop liquid diet (yes, I confess, I cheated once).  I have really been trying to up my protein, especially with breakfast. 

This morning I had a 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese, two strawberries cut up into it, and about eight blueberries.  Just for good measure I topped it with a sprinkle of Truvia.  If you haven’t tried Truvia yet, do yourself a favor and do it!  I love it, and it is by far the best substitute for sugar out there, in my opinion.

When I look at the volume of food in the bowl, I think, day-um! That is a lot of cottage cheese, but when you read it on paper (or screen in this case), “normal” people would probably cry at the little amount.  Two strawberries.  Eight blueberries.  Eight.  Seriously I am laughing out loud….

I’m off to take a nap (yes at 9:15 a.m.) and then venture out to the post office and probably drop some money I don’t have at Barnes and Noble.  

Currently listening to:  What Could of Been – 7 Worlds Collide


  1. damn gallbladders only give us grief. i was actually glad i had stones early on so they took it out during my surgery. from what i've read, we all end up getting them out anyway. thanks for the review on truvia, i had been wondering about that one. feel better soon doll.

  2. and then there was this one time that i loved you oooooooooo so much
    you gotsa b day comin up
    just wanted to say hey, thinking of you, hope noodle told you i called monday :)he said you were trying to piss or poop or something before they'd let you out of the hospital. glad it all went well from what ime reading.. hope Sludgefest 2010 is OVA!!!!!!!!
    ill email you from the j-o-b tommorow
    love ya!


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