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Roasted Veggie Mania

I just roasted a big pan of vegetables.  Saturday is Farmer's Market day, and I wanted to roast what was left over from last week. Basically a couple onions and bell peppers. I added a few things from this week as well, including a whole bulb of garlic (stinky but delish) and a leek. Random? Yes. Delicious? Most definitely yes.

I used Wegman’s Basting Oil to coat my veggies with.  A little bit goes a long way, and makes all the difference.  It is a great product.  I feel lucky to live near Wegman’s, but am sure jealous of all you guys that have Trader Joe’s near you. 

Anywho some food porn for your Saturday:

random - April 010

Don’t mind my ghetto baking sheets.  If you’re invited to my wedding – you can guess why I registered for new ones!

I kicked my bottle of basting oil so I decided to make my own since I have my Aerogarden working overtime:

random - April 012


                                                                random - April 014

I got this nifty bottle at Ikea and have never used it.  I chopped up a crap load of lemon basil, Genovese basil, oregano, and thyme.   Added a bit of chopped garlic and used a combo of EVOO and canola oil.  Not too shabby looking eh??  New Aero with 4 kinds of basil.  Nice. 

These look tasty eh?  Oh…don’t mind the stevia packet.

random - April 013 

You ask – Libby…how do you have time to be roasting vegetables and cleaning fruit, and playing 39487329852 hours of Farmville on Facebook? (BTW – Add me if you haven’t!)

random - April 016

This guy is the best guy.  I attempted to sneak up on my soon to be husband sorting out our laundry, but he caught me and said, “What are you trying to put a picture of me doing laundry up on your blog!?”  Damn…foiled again.  He’s a keeper ladies!

So that’s my Saturday so far.  I have to finish up the wedding invites today, and clean, but other than that it is Farmville and maybe hitting up the GYM.  I would like to get rolling back on the Couch to 5K program that I started around Christmas time and now it is April.  Holy hell when did April get here??


Anywho one last picture.  This is my niece Taelor Jean:

random - April 001 random - April 003 random - April 005

She’s sassy and cute and well… I love her!  The end!


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