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Attempting to blog…everyday.

Starting today I am going to blog everyday. 

Quit laughing…No seriously. 

I really enjoying blogging.  It helps me stay focused and keep me in check.  Plus I keep pimping this blog out at the support group meetings and then I never update so alas, here we go. 

Goals for October:

1.  Blog everyday (minus yesterday…I don’t count it because it was a Friday :) )

2.  Lose 10lbs by the end of the month

3.  Track my food via The Daily Plate (via Livestrong)

4.  Move my sweet arse a bit more than as of late (which really means, I haven’t done anything since May)

So we covered numero uno, no onto….

2.  I have instituted a weight loss challenge to the cult.  Who ever loses the most weight percentage wise by the end of the year wins a lemon drop martini.  I am going to try to do 10 lbs every month.  I am at a standstill weight wise (due to number 4 probably being non-existent), so time to get cracking. 

3.  For some reason, this has been just as difficult as blogging!  WTF!?  So this attempt may almost be as hard as….

4.  I have two gym memberships.  Seriously. 

So people…its time to get with it.  I don’t consider myself a failure with this whole WLS thing, because I have lost a crap load of weight, and fit into clothes that I haven’t seen in over 10 years.  Actually – longer.  Wow.  But I know the “bad” habits are creeping back in.  Bites of junk food here and there, sweets, chocolates, etc.  I need to cut this crappola out.  Oh and my good friend, Mr. Carbohydrate, well he is an ever present force that needs a swift kick in his butthole out of my life. 

So join me, in the re-education of Losing Libby.

libby1-9-08 new and improved

Before (Jan. 2008)                                     (Sept. 2010)


  1. You make me smile, and it's not just because you're funny looking. I'm happy for us that we're (once again) using the tools we know we have (including our heads). Many hugs and much love. C

  2. You are inspiring me. How about a challenge of everyone who reads this walking everyday....just start out by once around the block everyday....I know I can sure use a walk a day. Thank you for being you, Libby!

  3. Katie, excellent idea. My doggie loves you for suggesting it.

  4. You look amazing Libby!! Congrats!!

    I'm totally up for a challenge! I did not have WLS but I am trying to lose weight and any push would help!

    PS: I'm adding you to my google reader so I can read your updates everyday!


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