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Learning how to take a compliment

So my attempt to blog daily was ruined by this chick:

dizlib I made it extra large so you could see the ridiculousness on our faces.  I love you Rosemary!!  Ever since Rosie’s wedding I’ve been a total slack ass, as per my usual.  But back on the blogwagon kids!

As most of you know, I am a music therapist, working inpatient mental health.  I run group therapy 5 days a week and often get the opportunity to work individually with patients.  I have found that most people have pretty shady self-esteem, and CAN NOT take a compliment.  This happens daily, but today I reminded of my good friend Cynthia, who basically taught me how to take a compliment. 

Ultimate rule:  Just say thank you.

Sounds simple until 40 of your coworkers all tell you how fabulous you look.  You immediately think, “Oh shit, how bad did I look before I lost (insert number of lbs here)!?!

My usual reaction would be to laugh at said person, and completely and one hundred percent disagree with them!  It was a very hard habit to break, but I think I’ve finally done it. 

How to take a compliment once you’ve lost 100+ lbs.  (or even 10lbs frankly)….according to Dr. Libby:

1.  Have your friends smack you around a bit and accept what they say as the truth

2.  Always say thank you, even if your head is screwing with you to disagree.

3.  Stop over analyzing every little imperfection in the mirror, or during a meeting or wherever.  (Ex.  You’re wearing a short sleeve shirt to work, sitting in a meeting, playing with your bat wings)  (Sadly, a true story)


That’s it, it’s pretty simple.  Stop being your own worst critic.  I’ll even compliment myself on this one:

hotDang.  I’m HOT.


  1. You have good friends. I'm glad you listen to them. Oh, btw, you ARE hot!


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